Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession

Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession o{]:¬)

We should…

1) …examine our consciences regularly and thoroughly;
2) …wait our turn in line patiently;
3) …come at the time confessions are scheduled, not a few minutes before they are to end;
4) …speak distinctly but never so loudly that we might be overheard;
5) …state our sins clearly and briefly without rambling;
6) …confess all mortal sins in number and kind;
7) …listen carefully to the advice the priest gives;
8) …confess our own sins and not someone else’s;
9) …carefully listen to and remember the penance and be sure to understand it;
10) …use a regular formula for confession so that it is familiar and comfortable;
11) …never be afraid to say something “embarrassing”… just say it;
12) …never worry that the priest thinks we are jerks…. he is usually impressed by our courage;
13) …never fear that the priest will not keep our confession secret… he is bound by the Seal;
14) …never confess “tendencies” or “struggles”… just sins;
15) …never leave the confessional before the priest has finished giving absolution;
16) …memorize an Act of Contrition;
17) …answer the priest’s questions briefly if he asks for a clarification;
18) …ask questions if we can’t understand what he means when he tells us something;
19) …keep in mind that sometimes priests can have bad days just like we do;
20) …remember that priests must go to confession too … they know what we are going through.

Copied from a blog post by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf


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2 Responses to Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession

  1. Michael Francis Lidman says:

    The freest and most therapeutic confession I had was just after I left atheism.: “I’m not sure how long it was since my last confession. I’m not sure what I did that was bad for me; But I’m sorry for what I did that was bad for me because it hurt myself, others and made myself look bad in the eye’s of God”. Did a plenary indulgence and now I’m happy considering myself a Bishop of Purgatory and being given God given permission to administer in Purgatory. I’m also inventing new sacraments to make this place more holy… Basically if it was a sin… now it’s a sacrament and done with reverence for God.

    As you bound on earth it shall be bound in heaven…. didn’t say nothing about Purgatory which is why The Pope said that if Purgatory did not exist it would be necessary to create it… I mean you’d rather have me as a Catholic right???

  2. Biltrix says:

    Reblogged this on Biltrix and commented:
    There’s nothing like a good confession to start of Lent.

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