Homily for August 22, 2011, Memorial of the Queenship of Mary

Homily for August 22, Memorial of the Queenship of Mary

Today, the Church celebrates the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary. In the Western world, titles of royalty are mostly remnants of a social order that is more and more a thing of the past. They are indications of ancestry and ceremonial function, and have little to do with actual governance. Often, it seems that European royal families get most of their real power through their money and social status, and not much because of their actual role in government. They are often admired and loved to the extent that they seem to have the best of what the world has to offer.

Mary’s Queenship is the opposite. In her earthly life, she had none of the human privileges usually associated with royalty. She did not grow up living in palaces or castles. She was not watched by paparazzi and did not have a high-profile wedding. She had no wealth, no fancy clothes, no crown jewels, no banquets, and no vassals. Yet, she had the greatest privilege and treasure of all: she was the Mother of God. She gave birth to Jesus and had a unique human relationship with Him.

It was at her petition that the Lord worked His first public miracle. Just before He died, Jesus gave her to all Christians as our common Mother. He took her up to heaven to be with Him, and there she continues to present our needs and prayers to Him. As His mother, she is still closer to Christ than any other human being, and the power of her prayers gives her more real authority than any any earthly monarch. So let us present our needs and our desires, for ourselves and those who are dear to us, to Mary today with great trust, knowing that she loves us as her children. We can be sure that, with the help of her intercession, God will give the best possible answers to our prayers and petitions.


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