Can rainbows really be signs from God? (poll included at the end)

Today we had intermittent rain shows and sun… which means, a great opportunity for rainbows! I ran out with my camera and got some photos, including these:

Rainbow over the Hudson

This one is a panorama, stitched together from three photos:

Rainbow with the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge over the Hudson

Seeing this rainbow today was significant for me. To explain why, I am republishing a post from last summer, with an addition at the end, and a poll.

[My old post starts here:]
As with all natural events, there are two (not incompatible) ways of looking at rainbows. One is the scientific approach: rainbows are an optical phenomenon due to the refraction and reflection of light rays in airborne water droplets. The other is the “faith” approach: within God’s all-encompassing providential plan (which includes events governed by natural laws, of which He is ultimately the author), is there some particular reason why I am seeing this rainbow now? This question may sound silly to some people, but if we believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient then it is not unreasonable. [Plus, God uses the rainbow as a sign for Noah in the Old Testament…] We should not look for signs everywhere – it can be exaggerated and silly – but we should not exclude them either.

I have seen – and photographed – more rainbows in the past 6 months than I have seen for years at a time. It seems that rainbows have marked each step on my journey from the community of the Legion of Christ in Thornwood, NY, to my current ministry in (relatively) upstate NY.

In March, I went from Thornwood to Ireland on sabbatical to work on my doctoral thesis and discern God’s will for me in the current circumstances of the Legion. In a moment of discouragement, I looked out my window and saw this partial rainbow (on the right-hand side of the photo):

The promise of the rainbow

In May, I moved on to Switzerland to continue my sabbatical, and on one of my first days there, I saw this rainbow behind our house (note the faint second rainbow further out):


The house at the end of the rainbow

After much prayer and reflection I felt that God was calling me to continue my priestly ministry outside the Legion of Christ, at least for the moment, so I went home to northeastern Connecticut. There, I saw this double rainbow above my house:

Double rainbow over Greenhaven

In June, I settled on coming to start process of incardination in the archdiocese of New York. After the necessary meetings I was assigned to St Patrick’s in Newburgh, NY, where I arrived three weeks ago. This past Sunday afternoon I was driving to visit a sick friend in upstate New York, and I ended up seeing this incredible double rainbow “following” me along the highway:

Rainbow on the road

Rainbow on the road

I’m not a fanatic when it comes to these things, but if rainbows can be signs, I might be at an intersection.

All photos © Matthew Green

[End old post]

So, today’s rainbow was meaningful to me. I haven’t seen another rainbow like this since my last (above-quoted) post on the topic last August. But now, I’ve been praying to God asking for guidance for an important decision. I’ve also been asking myself and God, “what would or should I consider a sign to know if this decision is God’s will for me?” Seeing this rainbow today could just be a coincidence, of course. However, considering the fact that I posted less than a year ago about rainbows as possible signs from God in the context of decisions like the one I’m making now… seeing one again, right now, when I’ve been praying for a sign, seems like it could be significant. It’s not like I’ve been looking for a rainbow in this case; honestly, I was not even remotely thinking about a rainbow as a candidate for a sign. I was thinking about something more rational and pragmatic. So this just seems, well, fishy.

What do you think? In your opinion, does God use natural phenomena like rainbows as signs in the world today? or is this just an example of reading meaning and order in unrelated events, according to a previously existing psychological bias? Vote, and comment!


About Matthew Green

I am a translator, origami artist/teacher, and photographer, a blogger, former philosophy professor, and I love to sing. You can see my photos on Flickr and buy prints of some of them on Fine Art America. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (@mehjg), and in various and sundry other social media sites on the web.
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  1. I think it’s a bit more nuanced, even though I voted for #3– If you’re the sort of person who needs a rainbow as a sign, God will send you a rainbow. If you need red roses, he’ll send you the roses. The signs in my own life have inevitably been quirkier, especially when I really need direction, but that’s because I’m quirky. God communicates to each of us in the signs that we most need and understand. For you, rainbows, for others, other things.

    ALSO, it could just be that, at this point in your spiritual journey, you’re more able to SEE the signs of God’s presence than you were earlier, because you’re on a path closer to the one he’s calling you to… Sometimes, when we get too far off the road we can lose site of what God’s trying to tell us because we’re not looking in the right direction.

  2. Olivia says:

    Great post Fr. Matt, and the captures are stunning!! Yep, I voted for, “Totally, You’d be a fool to ignore signs like these.” I do believe that God communicates through natural phenomena, even though I’m aware of the science behind it. I just like to attribute it with God. The word of God is flawless, in Haggai 2:6 God says, “I will shake all nations” and a closer analysis will tell you that all major earthquakes have occurred on 26. Now science can prove it’s a coincidence but that won’t convince me.
    As in your case, there definitely is a pattern, and He is communicating with you through signs and wonders 🙂 A double rainbow…[wow] that would mean like a ‘sure’ ‘sure’ or a ‘nope’ ‘nope’ depends on how you interpret it 🙂
    I know sometimes we demand for a second sign, just to be absolutely sure it is God talking to us. It’s happened with me, “falling stars” [as some would call it, but actually they are ‘Meteors’] are my kinda thing. It’s rare to see two shooting stars in a span of five minutes, unless there is a ‘meteor shower’ but it has happened with me, so I know what I’m talking about 🙂

    God Bless

  3. Jeanne Barrett says:

    I wasn’t sure how to vote because, I agree with you, Father, we have to be cautious about looking for signs everywhere. However, the beauty of the natural world is one of the most powerful ways Our Lord speaks to us, if just to offer us the encouragement that “Yes, I’m here!”

    I had a similar experience in Co. Sligo, Ireland, a few years ago. Even though it was threatening to rain, I walked three miles just to see the ocean. When it did in fact begin to rain heavily, I decided that I had been stupid to get myself into this situation. But then the sun came out and I witnessed the full arc of a most spectacular rainbow. Yes, I do believe God was offering me encouragement in that.

    And I believe Our Lord is offering you encouragement in your time of discernment. I will pray for you, Father, as you discern what Our Lord is asking of you.

  4. CMSmith says:

    Awesome. Awesome photos. And awesome that rainbows seem to follow you around.

    I think the sign is not in the rainbow, but in the way you feel when you see the rainbow.

  5. Enedina says:

    I too have been seeing rainbows. It started about 6 months ago and I’ve seen about 6 since then..It’s becoming more often. I won’t see a full rainbow like you do…just a piece. I do believe it’s a sign from God. I seen one today but couldn’t snap a pic because I was driving. I turned the corner and went back to take a pic and it was gone. I seem to see them when I’m thinking about a’s like HE’S reassuring me that everything will be ok. 🙂

  6. marieagrace says:

    Hi this is my first time here ans I love your photos:) The Photo over your house is the best one because it shows and entrance to another dimension of time a roadway for you to take if you look close.An opening in the sky just for you to enter in and start your new life. I would love to enter into that space and see what is there it is a replica of your heart and only you know what lies beyond that rainbow:) Blessings and Peace! Rev:4:3 10:1 Psalms:;96

  7. Kim says:

    Thank you for your post. I completely agree with you. If rainbows are not a sign from God, but a by product of all the elements coming together perfectly, why aren’t there many rainbows all over the sky at once? I love the way the rainbows have followed me too. Most times rainbows give me the assurance from God that everything is going to work out, or what I am thinking or doing is correct and I am on the right path. It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there that also believe God loves us enough to give us rainbows.

  8. Jinah says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and story about your rainbows. I too have been seeing many rainbows in the last month — randomly, mostly in my home. It started one morning after a quiet time with God, when I prayed that I so desperately needed to know that He loved me that day. After my tearfilled prayer, I opened my eyes to find a bright rainbow sitting next to me. Since that day, I find rainbows randomly scattered around my house. Sometimes reflected off the floor while I am cleaning, sometimes reflected off my couch during quiet time, sometimes — even now — as I write, 3 pillars of rainbows are being reflected off my TV screen. When I see these rainbows, it brings a smile to my face as I reflect on God’s love for me.

    My husband and I have also had rainbow experiences in the past. We would see them in the sky together –after a long and difficult trial seemed to be coming to an end. One of the instances was when my husband and I were both without work for 2 years. At that time, we had 2 small children. We went through all our savings and experienced many miracles of God’s provision during that time. There were many times when we would have $20 in our bank account and then somehow, we would get money from random places…a forgotten tax refund from the government, rebate checks, a check from overpayment of our housing tax…the list goes on and on. One day, we decided to go to a local diner for dinner, something we had not done in a long time — and outside the diner window, we saw a rainbow that went from one expanse of the sky to the other. As we gazed at the rainbow, we knew that our difficult time was coming to an end, and soon after, my husband found work. Thank you God for your rainbows.

    • Ferrone hicks says:

      Hey for the last few weeks every day i been seeing a rainbow glowing around my window on my tv screen all day up until about 7 o’clock and i was wondering is this a sign from god or what

    • Honest says:

      This was so encouraging for me I feel like I needed to hear that it could be a sign that a difficult trial is coming to an end. I saw a rainbow for the first time since s child and I am 37 and I know that it was from God because I have been going through some really tough times. This gives me so much hope and fillled with indescribable joy. Thanks for sharing this Jinah and the author of this blog.

  9. Kal says:

    Beautiful pictures. And I agree that it means God is telling us that whatever we are thinking will end up good or whatever we are doing is good thing. And everything will be fine.
    So, keep doing whatever we are doing. We are in the right path. We will find what ever we are looking for. That’s what the God is telling, I think.

  10. Kal says:

    I also read somewhere on the net but I forgot to bookmark it, silly me.
    It said, the rainbow will follow the person if his/her soulmate is searching/trying to make connection.
    If anyone can find that page, please post the link on this website.

  11. Adam says:

    I randomly clicked on your page here, I too was wondering about rainbows more of thier significance, symbolism ect…I can read into your comments, true faith is what you need, true hope is also very helpful, and then love which is above all these. Love God, believe his signs, look forward to manny, many blessings added to them. A rainbow is beautiful, one imagines he has stepped into a dream, but Gods redemption on the Cross is completed, He truly died, and rose…and there was a Noah who had an ark, and the rainbow was given as a covenant with man through all ages….this is Our Lord showing His love, His faithfulness, true love believes all things. Thank you for your beautiful photos and asking us all our opinions. I had a rainbow end on top of me, it went through my head , through my shoulders, and hit the ground at my feet. Five others looked on pointed it out to me, because I could not see it, they were a little freaked by it…about a day later I woke from a nap went out my front steps and a rainbow ended again, this time thirty feet in front of me…to finish then, I cant possitively pin point these incidents as the begining of what seems now to be a three month long epiphany, that has yet to end….I have become strangely courageous and uncomonnly calm after thirty four years of pain, misery, and tthat healthy fun stuff…well, this is enough, again thanks for the outlet my heart needed to type out and communicate to otheres, who are all brothers and sisters in Jesus’s sacrifice and hopefully worthy partakers of His beautiful reward. O my Jesus have mercy on me a sinner. Amen

    • Adam says:


      I am sorry, I read viewed and posted comment without taking in all the available information. I didnt realize you were a priest asking for our opinions, it threw me off a bit. I apologize if I didnt seem respectful, I truly am impulsive, the worst of sinners, although I look to be more pleasing with the Lords grace and made worthy of His promises. Thank you so much for you ministry, and the call you answered to serve, you can not be but truly loved. Thanks again and sorry fo my space cadet like confusion.

  12. Stef Babcock says:

    A decade ago, I lost my brother suddenly at 30 (we were less than a year apart in age). I felt like I would die and many times I wanted to. I went to Alaska to grieve that first year and took a seaplane where I saw a huge rainbow and KNEW and FELT either the Lord or my brother or some Comforter was with me. That began a journey of seeing dozens and dozens of rainbows and things that just cant be a coincidence. In the midst of enormous pain and suffering, I felt comfort from the Holy Spirit in these situations that I started a journal that first year. Just like your story, if it didn’t happen to YOU and wasn’t so obvious, you would doubt it. If I hadn’t had so many friends and family along the journey, I probably still might at times. Last month, I was at a funeral of a friend who died after a long bout of cancer. The church was packed but when we all came out, hundreds of us – people were pointing at the double rainbow over the church. Even then, after this occurring so many times that I have witnessed, it was still wondrous to behold and, again as you indicated, it is GODS timing. Rainbows come, appear vibrantly but only momentarily just like a flower. The rainbow was a Promise between God an man. The beauty of your story and mine (and
    a few of my friends now and I am sure hundreds of others on this planet) is that it is a Personal Promise between God and Us Personally.

    Grief comes and goes like a season or, I have found, in waves. I had a couple of things that triggered my sadness tonight over my brother, Jamie and I decided to just type rainbow and signs from God. I haven’t done that in years! Your site was the first that came up so I opened it. Before I read it, I knew yet again, it was God’s timing because Jamie was born on 4/27 – your site is 4/27 (yes, different years but still……….). Some would say a coincidence……again. Not for me! I just read your journey and saw your pictures and it gave me chills but made me actually laugh! We have an Extraordinary All-Powerful All-knowing Creator who delights in showing us at times He is there; when we are willing to look. Thank you and Keep Seeing Those Rainbows as signs! I can guarantee they will keep coming JUST when you most need them!

    Tennyson wrote, ….from out of my grieving heart arose, like a rainbow after the storm, to know, though no human tongue can prove, that every cloud that revealeth and unveileth itself is Love.”

  13. john nelson says:

    How is this for signs…I have had 7 rainbows that looked like gates to my property in the last 40 days or so. Two, of which were double rainbows! 2013 is the year of the black snake. I was in my garden the other day and I ran up on a 4′ black snake. The very same day, my daughter which lives 40 miles away, ran up on a black snake, in her house! I told my daughter, over the phone to be prepared, she would probably see a rainbow soon, she said, “Dad, I’m looking at one right now! Then, the very next day, my wife ran up on black snake in the pasture beside our house! It was 4′ too! btw, my 3 pitbulls killed the first black snake the very day I saw it…My wife has also seen a double rainbow in the same time period. All of this has happened in the last few weeks! If anyone wants to interpret this…please do! I feel like God is letting me know that my family has reached immortal status…If you guy’s knew us, maybe you would think so too. We all are very Godly people, although we are NOT religious. We certainly have huge love for Jesus as well!

  14. Pat says:

    It is so interesting to find this page. In 2009 after a very difficult time, and a conversation about the future with a friend, we walked out a building to the most beautiful rainbow. We looked at each other, and I asked, “Do you think God sends rainbows?”
    Fast forward to 2013 and 4 years of a life transition that impacted a lot of loved ones. The very day of a resolution, I ran into the friend I had confided in 4 years ago. We were both in the market selecting fruit. I paid for my goods, left the building, and there was another rainbow. Not just any rainbow, but one that pulled my attention and captivated me with awe. Again, I asked the question skyward, “Does God really send rainbows?” Surely he is too busy to be interested in my concerns……. but this rainbow…..I hope it’s not a coincidence.

    I think of it often and wonder aloud, “Does God send rainbows?”
    Seeing your story inclines me to believe He does.

  15. Thank you for your post Father Matthew. I am Rev. Bryan in Henderson Nevada with a new ministry. I have studied religion for the past 30 years and as I was moving forward I prayed for a ministry name. One morning I woke up and I knew exactly what to call it, but, the blessings didn’t stop there. When I was creating our website and placed the initials on the bottom of the page I could not believe what the initials spelled out. Our ministry is: The United Fellowship Of Faith. The initials are: T.U.F.F. I have continued praying and building the ministry and the other day I saw a beautiful rainbow. I ran to take some photos and right before my eyes, for a brief few minutes, I saw a double rainbow and took photos of them. I am 52 years old and I have seen a few rainbows. But, I have never seen such a strong vivid rainbow, much less a double one. I do take this as a blessing and sign from God telling me to continue on the path I am on. We just all need to stop from our daily busy lives and notice what God has placed right in front of our face to enjoy. Remember, the simplest blessings are not big productions. God bless to all of you as well to you Father Matthew!

  16. Amy Behling says:

    I was traveling in Colorado with my fiance in our red Chevy S10 over twenty years ago. I had been praying to God about a question. I looked over my shoulder and saw the rainbow. It was shooting out of our black bed liner into the sky. It probably didn’t start there in the truck, but it was definitely ending its journey there. We were literally at the end of the rainbow. It was there for at least ten seconds, but it felt like at least a minute. Then it was between us and the car behind us for several more seconds. My fiance saw it too. I actually grew tired of cranking my neck around for so long looking at it. I really don’t know the whole time frame, but it was amazing. Many years later, I asked the contact on the Mythbusters website if that could ever be duplicated in any form. They just wrote me back with an answer such as if you were 55 degrees from the sun etc. If just want other people, especially young people other than my nieces and nephews to know about this.

    • Carli says:

      My 4 year old son just passed away 3 weeks ago due to unknown causes. My faith has been shaken ever since. Today, I knelt down and prayed and prayed. I begged for a sign that my son was okay. I begged for a sign from God. I was getting angry that I had so much faith, and yet nothing was being revealed to me! I stopped my rage and got in the car and saw the most beautiful, most amazing rainbow! It was so huge and so beautiful that I could not mistake it as the sign I was looking for!

  17. Alex says:

    Just yesterday I saw the most amazing rainbow outside my house so I grabbed my cell phone and took several pictures. I even texted it to a friend. I was the only one who saw it since none of my neighbors were outside. I take that as a sign it was meant specifically for me. Anyway, today I was still thinking about it so I just did a google search on rainbows and symbolism and was brought to this site. The significance here is that I grew up in Newburgh, NY. What are the odds of that happening?

  18. melly666 says:

    Yes I believe so. These signs are not to be ignored. I am not a religious person but am spiritually inclined. I had an experience today with a rainbow. My life is in a bit of turmoil at the moment so I asked the cosmos this morning if it hears me and if so to just show me a rainbow. I forgot about this all day until in the evening looked outside and there was a lovely big rainbow at the place/direction I asked. It really makes me wonder!

  19. Joann Tucker says:

    2005 I experience a rainbow in my house on the ceiling in a area where it was dark, I had been praying to God about a problem I was having, 3 days before the rainbow my world was upside down. I ask God to send me a sign, when the rainbow appeared it’s like all my worries had disappeared, my problem was solved. No body but God,my world change that day for the good. That rainbow is on my window, it’s been there since 2005 thru all the seasons, Explain that!!!

    • h says:

      I kid you not- this is what just sent me looking online for an explanation… I haven’t been praying for any answers or…and this is the second rainbow I’ve seen this week. The other, was directly in front of my parked car when i came out of a store this week. So strange.

  20. John says:

    Last Thursday, my friend and I were working on taking out the rear vision mirror on the driver’s side door of a wrecked EF Falcon on my property. After that, we saw a beautiful rainbow for the first time which could’ve been a sign from God letting us know that everything will be fine. How awesome is it to receive a sign like that from our Creator.

  21. Lydia says:

    About 34 years ago when I was getting ready to leave my home state and embark on a Christian Missionary service in the u.s. I was also running from an abusive relationship back in a time when there wasnt much dialogue( I certainly didn’t have the words- only the shame) about it or what to do. I worked in a Restaurant on the water on the east coast. I used to silently repeat scriptures to myself as I worked. Especially the ones about, breastplate w/ armour, helmet of righteousness etc. I think it made me feel strong and safe. One day there was the most amazing double rainbow. Rich in color. From horizon on the left to the right. Absolutely filled the sky. All the patrons and employees ran outside to see it it was such a phenomenon. I personally considered it my answer from God that my plans were good and righteous and that he would not fail me. I have never forgotten this. I have always appreciated rainbows ever since. Well we are going through some terrible awful trials with our family lately. We are very worried about the well being of one of our adult children as well as other grinding issues in the family of little to no income, mental health etc that take a toll. Today I was alone for a change and had a chance to let down and think. I said “there is always hope for this person but Based on the past I have little faith in this situation. “I have had to withdraw as I was being abused and blamed for this persons addictions. The problem is always you worry where they will end up when you finally walk away. I did it once before w/ another and it worked out but each situation is different. Well my husband came home and dragged me and our grandson out into the rain and there was a humongous rainbow centered right over our house! I must say it perked up my spirits! It really did. If that doesn’t’ what will. If only for the beauty, grandeur, awesomeness and miracle of it being there like that on this day of all days.

  22. Brian says:

    Last week I attended the Gay Christian Network’s annual conference held this year in Portland, OR. We were told that Westboro Baptist Church members planned to protest our conference on Saturday morning outside the Portland Convention Center. While taking the hotel elevator with an outside view down to breakfast we saw a vivid full rainbow across the sky, which immediately hit me with this feeling from God saying “I am here.”
    I got off of the train at the convention center and waited for it to pass to cross the street to the convention center. I fully was prepared to encounter the hate and false accusations of WBC. Instead I saw approximately 80 local Portlanders from a variety of churches holding ‘welcome’, ‘we’re glad you’re here’, and ‘God loves you’ signs, offering hugs, and forming a wall of love leading to the convention center. It was overwhelming and made my cry with tears of joy.
    Later people posted pictures of the few WBC protestors and their signs with the rainbow in the background and captions like ‘God’s signs are bigger than man’s signs!’

  23. Can someone help me out. I have had three vision one after another, and each dream had rainbows in them.

  24. stacy says:

    Hi. I prayed today to God why do i feel like you have abondend me. You said you will never leave me n always protect me. After that i seen a rainbow on my blinds of my bedroom and it stayed there til the late evening 7:30pm.

    A rainbow is a promise from God. I seen it as s promise to me that he will always be there.

  25. Cory Majore says:

    At first I thought of these signs to be something to just keep between me and God I eventually just had to know if this was happening to anyone else if there were other ones chosen for something. I have recieved these rainbows at just exactly at the times I most needed them rings around the sun sun dogs reflections through glass or cups and rainbows that defy science pillars with no previous rainfall and one time I will never forget where I was praying for it and a patch of rainbow appeared in the sky right before my eyes my adoptive mom was beside me to witness this as I cried out with tears of joy and Awe Praise Jah! Praise Jah! it was the best day of my life I’ve had people witness this with me 3 times now I have been studying and preaching with Jehovahs Witnesses for over 3 years now and there has been many rainbows a long the way amazing just amazing I Truly wonder what God is trying to tell all of us so glad I found this post. Praise Jah! Jah~Bless

  26. Annie says:

    Thank you for this post! I recently had an experience seeing a rainbow in the midst of making a decision, then a second later a bright ray of sunlight shone on a picture of Jesus. I feel like I’m called to do something, but I’m not sure what, all I know is that it had something to do with what I was thinking of in that moment. I was afraid that I had lost my husband to a cult, and I was praying, asking for help. He had withdrawn almost all our money from the bank to send to the cult leader or CEO of this company. I was thinking of posting my experience and maybe a complaint against the company/cult. Then I saw the rainbow and Jesus’ face shining from the sunlight. I wanted to talk to someone about this, but not sure where to turn. My husband’s mother is also praying for him, but there’s a language barrier, so I can’t really talk to her. I feel, if I speak out against the company, I’ll only be creating friction. I was thinking maybe the rainbow and Jesus are telling me to just forgive and pray for wisdom, and for those involved to know His Truth…

    Thank you again, because of this post, I have more hope and know that God is listening and He has a plan. I hope I will have the wisdom to follow it!

    • It can be very hard to figure out what God is telling us sometimes; maybe He’s just saying, “I’m here, keep doing your best.” If your husband is involved in a cult, I’d say you should definitely try to take action. However, like you say, you also need to do so carefully, because a “frontal attack” will probably drive him further from you and closer to the cult. It might help if you can get him to read some balanced and objective information about the cult; that might help open his eyes. If I were you, I would also start a separate bank account to which he doesn’t have access, so you can keep money safe for yourself and your family. Pray for guidance and enlightenment for yourself and for him. I’ll say a prayer for you both too.

  27. Judy Simon says:

    Fr Matthew Green –
    Your photos of double rainbows are beautiful. To think I was nearly crying because the small rainbow that was over a small cloud over my house, that I took a picture of and had in my phone, that disappeared from my phone and I can’t find it was so disturbing to me, when you have had such marvelous rainbows to photo. I did believe it was a sign from God and I still do. I also think it has to be in my phone somewhere even though it has been taken from my view. On TV they are always saying nothing is truly lost and the expert can locate it in the phone. There is no way I will ever be able to locate it on my own. A clerk at the phone store couldn’t locate it. But I still believe someone should be able to find it in my phone. I was hoping I could get someone interested by asking on the computer. That is when I came across your beautiful rainbows, and the lovely life that you have lived for him. No wonder that he should want to reward you so well. I understand that today, Friday 25, 2015, there were several rainbows over different areas of New York, while Pope Frances was there visiting the children and the homeless and doing all the services that he conducted. So, yes I do believe God does show his pleasure. I think I tried to email my photo to my sister without knowing how….

    Best wishes with your future endevors.

  28. Well you wouldnt believe me if I told you but I have been creating double and triple rainbows for the last 14 years.

  29. Anjali says:

    Thanks for the posts. I was sitting in my home one day wondering why the love of my life and I had drifted apart. It was an intense phase and I could almost feel that he was connected to my soul then. Just then the rain stops and the sun shined brightly on my face and compelled me to get out of the house. I did and the most wonderful double rainbow was right above my house. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed by the intensity. Earlier that morning I had visited the place my dad stayed at just before he passed away. The experience was surreal and very intense. I’d like to believe that prayers are transmitted to the Universe and that it sends back signs of hope. Rainbows have been a regular part of my life ever since.

  30. Bernard says:

    Thanks for all your posts. I am actually in love with a girl but couldn’t have the courage to go and talk to her though I am a super confident guy working for an Investment Bank. It has been over 5 months that we’ve just been seeing other (as in only eye contacts and nothing more) and each of us haven’t moved ahead to take the initiative. But all this while, I started to get a lot more serious with her and hoped that something would happen and we would get closer. One day, I was walking in the park and suddenly it rained heavily….I was walking all the while drenched and praying so that I can have her in my life….Suddenly, I saw that the rain had stopped, the sun was out and I saw a very beautiful double rainbow right in front of me….Even though happy, I thought it may have been a coincidence…Exactly a week later at the same place, it rained from no where (i was walking, praying and thinking of her again) and again a rainbow appeared. I think that it may have been a sign from God that he has answered/will answer my prayers. It may not be a coincidence that I think about her and the rainbow appears twice…..I heard someone say, that when the rainbow appears, messengers/angels of God descend to the earth take our requests/communicate with us that your wishes have been fulfilled and ascend back to the heavens taking back our deepest desires to god….God lives and I believe surely answers our prayers.

  31. Linda Glover says:

    I have been seeing a heart shape with rainbow colors around it on my vertical blinds in my apartment since sometime in March 2016! I know it is God telling me how much he loves me and that I am never alone. It is truly amazing.

  32. Jack says:

    Today, the right end of a rainbow touched down at on my car while my niece and I were stopped in traffic on the highway. A second one arched above too. There also were two cherub like figures of clouds in the sky. Amazing!

  33. Debra Pitts says:

    This evening I was walking threw my living room going upstairs to my bedroom as I was walking pass my end table there was a big rainbow going across the table I stopped and started smiling as I got to my first step leading up to the bedroom there were rainbows going all up the stairs! I have been seeing these rainbows for a lil over a year now it started in my bedroom on the right side of my bed where I sleep and also on the right window on ceiling as I’m typing the rainbow is sitting here and it is 8:03 p.m. I I tried looking rainbows up last year but I’m so glad I did so today i am under a lot of pressure but know I know for sure God is by my side I’AM a member of Fountain Of Life Ministry In Detroit so I have always kept my Faith. Thank you all for sharing your stories I feel so much better…. May God Bless Us All In Jesus Name Amen

  34. Jo Ann says:

    I just would like to say that, I was on my way home from the south on I 55 in Kankee IL. . It had been raining and it was raining a little as we were headed to Chicago. On the left side in the sky appeared 2 rainbow side by side and then 2 more rainbow was in the sky . I had never seen 4 rainbow at a time in the sky . I was not able to take photos of all four of them together because we were driving in the car. Other people were pulling their cars over taking pictures of them . I have never seen anything so beautiful before in my life .

  35. says:

    I have been traveling the past month and on each trip while driving or flying, I have seen a rainbow (one double rainbow). In the past I have been saying “God is going to send me a Rainbow” I am not sure why that message just kept generating in my spirit. While sitting waiting on my next flight I decided to google ” seeing a rainbow – what does it mean spiritually” . Several psychic sites appeared but I could never get them to stay open. I concluded that God was saying its not the psychic who holds the answer…..ask Me (God) and I will tell you…..
    Found your site…I will ask God for an answer…..I know its for my good whatever the meaning is….

    • The psychics definitely do not hold the answer. Keep praying and listening to God’s voice in your heart, and looking at the wider context of your life to see if this is part of a bigger picture. And don’t forget that we also have to be careful not to create complex meaning where there really might just be coincidence. God may be using circumstances to tell you something significant; maybe His message is just, “Rainbows are beautiful, and I love you, so enjoy these rainbows.” But I know that in my own life it can be difficult to distinguish meaningful events from distractions and/or auto-suggestion. I pray that God will help you to discern His will and His messages in your life; although individual instances can be hard to discern either way, He is definitely present and wants to guide you.

  36. Denise says:

    Yes!! Most definitely I believe rainbows are a true sign from God. I believe a double rainbow has added power, reasoning and strength behind it. Recently I was on my job when a double rainbow…it was enormous…shone bright outside my place of employment. One of the employees observed it and called no one to view it with her, but me. Immediately I felt in my spirit that it was a sign from God. He had answered my prayers. The other employee observed in awe it’s beauty….while I observed its beauty…a spiritual connection with my Heavenly Creator…my prayers being answered….a double portion of blessings and more! All of the above mentioned flowed through my mind. A double rainbow is a promise of transformation and change. God speaks to us through so many things and in so many ways. To hear Him and know that He is speaking to our hearts…we have to have a personal relationship with Him putting Him first in all things. I have been praying for a change in my circumstances…and God have answered my prayers! He will do the same for you. He is a God of omnipotence flowing with divine supreme power filled with blessings to bestow upon your soul and in your lives if you would just let go and seek “His face” and develop a personal relationship with Him. Iam a natural born artist and after seeing this double rainbow I painted a painting…it is titled, A Promise of Transformation and Change. Please take a moment and view my art on At the “search” box, type in Denise’s Regal Art. Many blessings to all!

  37. Judith says:

    Lately I have been going through so much that I even contemplated suicide. Past 2 months have been a nightmare. Praying, meditation, affirmations & everything.
    It rained all night & I didn’t sleep at all. I wanted to attend the Holy Mass so I was going for a bath at 5.30 am. Suddenly, I saw this Rainbow in the West. I was mesmerised. I took 2 pics.
    At the Church, I was thumbing the Hymn book when I saw the words A Rainbow. I turned to that page which read, “A Rainbow is a sign of God’s love for u”
    After reading this article, I zoomed & studied the pics I took from my mobile. Its not very clear but I did notice a few things:
    – Many figures & faces in the clouds, especially in the 1st pic.
    – It’s not a bow; more like a slanted ladder from the mountain top into a golden disc (?)
    – Grey & white clouds surrounding light pink clouds.
    (If u wish, I’ll mail u the pics)
    Well, I believe!

  38. Selena Striver says:

    I seen a rainbow coming from my ceiling lights how do you explain this?

    • There could be various explanations for that, but it’s hard to give a precise explanation without more information. It depends, for example, on exactly where you see the rainbows. The important thing to remember is that white light is separated into different wavelengths (and therefore colors), giving a “rainbow” effect, through refraction; this can happen when light passes from one transparent medium (from air to glass, water, crystal, etc.) to another, depending on the angle at which the light hits the surface and other properties of the medium. So, the light rays from your ceiling lights must be being refracted and/or reflected by something in the room, anything from the bulb itself, to glass covering it, to a beveled edge on a mirror or glass or crystal object in the room.

  39. Jennifer says:

    I believe it’s a sign of peace. I also believe a butterfly is a sign of hope. God shows me animals and rainbows at very important milestones in my life and each our very meaningful. During a very hard time with my marriage, just at a point when I considered giving up God showed me an owl and it meant seek wise counsel and I praise God I did! I do believe speaks to us through signs like these.

  40. Sandra Vidales says:

    I saw a rainbow in my living room a square box

  41. M says:

    The day after I decided to divorce my alcoholic and sometimes abusive husband, I saw a glorious rainbow on the way home from work.

  42. Ok I just wanted to no why i every morning during sunset I am seeing rainbows up top my ceiling and it looks like such as an spirit I just wanna no is it Jesus or an angel just curious…..

    • If you’re seeing these regularly every morning on your ceiling, the chances are they are sunlight being reflected and refracted of some glass or crystal object being hit by rays coming through the window.

  43. andreadearro says:

    I saw a large beautiful rainbow today in eatonton Georgia

  44. AnnSl says:

    All thru out the Bible God used signs to indicate future happenings and present situations as a means of guidance and confirrmation …Presently I am sitting in my living room in the sofa after talking to God… Grandson comes in and sit in the floor and says”look granny its a rainbow in our house” I was so amazed…I have never seen a rainbow inside a house on the floor…..we stared at it for about 3 minutes and then it slowly faded away ….To answer your question…YES…God is sovereign He can and does whatever hHe want to…….#HeisGod..According to your faith…you know what u need from God….just as I did ######answers…..Never look for someone else to affirm your beliefs…..especially ifbybe are not guided by the Holy Spirit. GOD BE WITH YOU AS YOU CONTINUE ON YOUR JOURNEY FOR CHRIST.

    • Bridgette Lowery says:

      Thank you so much for this answer; you are so right he is God and he does what he wants and if he wants to send a rainbow as affirmation that he is on the case or that all is well that is what he will do. May He Bless You!!

  45. Bridgette Lowery says:

    I have seen a 🌈 rainbow on my carpet in my home and it had not rained at all the day of me seeing this rainbow the rainbow stayed for a while and then it went away from my carpet leading to my stairs. I know it was a sign to know everything will be alright.

  46. Rosio Carranza says:

    Hello please help me i been seeing them. In my room 2 weeks them they were gone I been very sick I suffer from chonic anxiety please help

    • Living in Pain says:

      God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      And wisdom to know the difference.

  47. Living in Pain says:

    I had one all morning that turned into a double and finally filled half my ceiling for about 2 hours. It made me feel calm and took the strain away that has been on me for the last 6 months and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a sign or not. It came at a sorely needed time in my life. 🙂

  48. Leila coleman says:

    I’m not sure but let me tell you my experience last Sunday it was raining I went out on the porch an saw one end of a rainbow looking across my yard I saw the other end of that same rainbow in my nephews yard I walked in my house to get my husband we got outside an there appeared yet another rainbow on top of the one I saw it was awesome seeing the beginning an ending of the same rainbow in my own yard then another one on top of it an I would love to know the meaning to that I do believe there’s a meaning for that if you know please tell me

  49. Tracey Nelson says:

    I just want to say this the rainbow is a covenant with man and God I woke up this morning and I had a several rainbows on my wall my ceiling and my living room and of my dining room inside my home and I believe in God

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