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Pray for Paris… or not? Can prayer help?

“Pray for Paris,” wrote many people in tweets, Facebook text posts, memes, and more in the hours and days following the terrorist attacks in that European capitol two weeks ago.  In response, many atheists and agnostics responded saying that “praying … Continue reading

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It’s election time! Can either party claim Jesus would be on their side?

It’s more than a year before the election and the heat is already on.  Religion, as usual, is used as part of the public discussion in that typical American way, and both Democrats and Republicans claim that the true spirit … Continue reading

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A quick thought about Mariology

Recent scientific studies could shed light on one of the ways in which Mary was unique. When a child grows in his or her mother’s womb, the mother and child have a special symbiotic relationship. As this article (among many … Continue reading

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Life lessons I need to keep remembering…

The past few years have helped me to learn me a lot of lessons, but some of them are frustratingly hard to keep in mind and to follow. Here are a few of them. They may sound trite, but if they … Continue reading

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