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More Amazing Catholic Art from Daniel Mitsui

Honestly, this man’s work is fantastic. If I were a millionaire (or even a hundred-thousand-dollar-onaire) I’d be buying up his art and hanging it all over my walls. Not that he charges that much for his prints, but I’d want … Continue reading

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Having a bad day?

Homily for March 23, Wednesday of the II week of Lent Click here for the podcast version of the homily. Sometimes when we have a bad day, it can feel like the whole world is conspiring to make us miserable. … Continue reading

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Are the Jews to be evangelized? What does Ratzinger say?

I am currently reading Jesus of Nazareth, volume II, and was struck by what is said about the evangelization of the Jews. Pope Benedict XVI states fairly clearly in the first book that he is writing these books not as … Continue reading

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