Wanted: Your Feedback

Greetings to my regular readers (there are a few of you, at least…) and to the curious passers-by!

A couple of weeks ago I started recording my homilies and posting the audio with the text. What do you think? Is it helpful at all? Is it a waste of time?

Also, are there any topics you’d like me to blog about? Any kinds of posts you find particularly interesting? My blog statistics tell me that, generally speaking, my most popular posts are not my homilies.

Any and all (constructive) feedback will make me as happy as the baby in this picture!

Happy baby!

Actually, I am the baby in that picture, with my father! Make me that happy again! Give me some helpful feedback by commenting on this post!


About Matthew Green

I am a translator, origami artist/teacher, and photographer, a blogger, former philosophy professor, and I love to sing. You can see my photos on Flickr and buy prints of some of them on Fine Art America. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (@mehjg), and in various and sundry other social media sites on the web.
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8 Responses to Wanted: Your Feedback

  1. Olivia says:

    First of all, I am one of your regular readers! I love reading your blog, when I say that I mean everything on your blog. Your homilies are great, honestly I don’t download the mp3s simply because I don’t have the time, I know you take the extra effort to make the audio file, God Bless you for that.

    Now you and I both know that your skill with photography is awesome, there are others who would agree too so if they are here for that, then you have made their day, you make mine most of the time 🙂

    We all like to read things happening in someone else’s world, so besides your daily homilies if you could keep writing about your book reviews, your crazy Sundays and your visits to all the beautiful places that you keep going to, it will make us return for more.

    The picture is beautiful, are you jumping with glee because you have the wallet in your hand 🙂 ???? Your dad is a good-looker… you have some resemblance though. Hope that makes you happy.

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you for both the homilies and the personal posts. I find them interesting, educational and helpful. I haven’t used the audio logs yet.

  3. I like to read your homilies. I pick up some of your writings and apply it to my life. I do not listen to the audio messages . I prefer to read. I also do no listen to audiobooks.
    Keep writing your homilies please.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  4. Tim Wee says:

    Father, my wife and I think the fact that you are using modern media to preach the Gospel is laudable. I listened to a small section of one of your recent homilies, and it was crisp and clear, a nice refreshing new way of receiving edification. How many listeners do you have? How long have you been doing this and how much of an investment of time? I’d like you to continue because there are just too few “competitors” out there. We need it on YouTube too… If it can be made into nuggets of scriptures explained or made relevant in an attractive way. Perhaps a summary and not the whole homily might be better received given the time investment needed on the listeners’ side. I always felt Catholic homilies were dull compared to protestants’ preaching. Why? It warrants examination. I think YouTube also has more Protestant preaching. I hope you continue using modern media as competitively as the world does to reach listeners. The challenge is to make it even more attractive.

  5. Deacon Larry Kawula says:

    Father Matt, your homilies & comments are NOT A WASTE OF TIME ! I read them almost daily and use some of the material for reference material. Please stay with it.

  6. brenda flateau says:

    Dear Father continue what you are doing! I am 70yrs. old and can never get enough. One little suggestion, if allowed, I attended Catholic schools when it was all Fire,Hell and Brimstone. I raised children in Vatican 11 with a my left side of my brain stuck in Pre Vatican 11, I will be ending my journey on this Earth with the new introduction to the new THIRD ROMAN CATHOLIC MISSAL. I endured the removal of statues, art and the down play of the Virgin Mary in the 70’s and 80’s. For me at that time I Strongly believed the Church was training me to be a very good Lutheran. The new Millinium gave me hope, with the resurgence of Mary and a little more religious art. However one thing bothers me and that is confession. I recall in the 1950’s the term General Confession, but I can’t seem to find any imformation on how to go about to make a General Confession. Now the suggestion, being that soon we will be approaching the Lenten season, how can I make A General confession and how do I ask a Priest? God bless you Father and please keep up this Blog, Brenda

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brenda! Yes, there was a lot of confusion and some liturgical and theological hijinks after Vatican II, but that didn’t faithfully represent what Vatican II had intended or proposed.

      The idea of a “general confession” is that you make a thorough examination of conscience that includes a substantial period of time (i.e. your whole life, or since the last time you went to a general confession…) – including sins you may already have confessed – and you bring it all to confession. It can be helpful, for example, if someone is trying to jump-start their spiritual life, renew their commitment to God, or just go deeper in their spiritual life. It is often done in the context of a retreat, where some guidance is provided for the examination of conscience. As far as asking a priest goes: basically, you just ask. It can be a good idea to ask a priest whose counsel you trust and who has some experience in the guidance of souls, although you may feel more comfortable asking a priest who doesn’t know you. Either way, he will probably want to schedule a specific time outside the usual time for confessions, as a good general confession can be a bit long.

      Thanks again, and God bless!

  7. A Friend says:

    Father Matthew,

    Your web site is beautiful. My view of it is you have many gifts – wisdom, talent, personality, computer skills – so, especially, as a priest you should share them. Your job is to scatter the seeds and let God do what he can to grow them.

    You never know who may Google “suffering” or “joy” and reach your web site and learn something. God may lead them here to read exactly what you have to say.

    So, don’t worry about the most popular articles. In most newpapers those are the most sensational and scandalous. People do not always like what is good for them. Give them what they, we, need. Not want.

    Your eyes will never see the treasure you store up in heaven with your work here on earth. Not until judgement day.

    God bless you Father. Keep up the good work.

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