Seeing God in the miracles of the world

Homily for Feb. 7, Monday of the V week in OT year I Download the MP3 audio file

The more miracles Jesus worked, the more people realized that the power of Almighty God was with Him. They saw Him heal the sick, raise the dead, feed thousands of people with what started out as one basketful of food… and soon Jesus could not go anywhere without being surrounded by people asking for His help. That was good; that was part of what He came for. He wanted to help those who were suffering and show them His – that is, God’s – love for humanity. The physical healings were also meant as a sign of His divine power to work spiritual healing, to redeem us from our sins.

Humanity has not changed in the two thousand years that have passed since Jesus walked among us. When we hear about or even see miracles of healing or of grace that transforms people’s lives, it helps us to grow in our faith and trust in God. Sometimes we wish we could see more of these extraordinary signs of God’s presence and power.

However, the first reading reminds us that we are constantly surrounded by “ordinary” reminders of God’s power and goodness. The passage we heard from Genesis describes the first four days of creation. This is not supposed to be a literal scientific account of how God created the world; there are evenings and mornings even before the sun is created, plants are created before the light that they need to live and grow, and so forth. The point of the narrative is rather that God created all that exists, be it animal, vegetable or mineral, the Earth and the sky and all they contain.

Today, let us make the effort to open our eyes again to the beauty of the world, and what it tells us about the Creator. In fact, the beauty, complexity and order of the universe is one of the most widely accepted proofs for the existence of God. Every time we see a glowing colorful sunrise, smell the fragrance of a flower, enjoy the beauty and affection of household pet, or see the smile on the face of someone we love, may it remind us of the goodness and greatness of the Creator. May we hear God speaking to us through these daily miracles, and may we be inspired to turn to Him with confidence and love.


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