Labor Day Ramen

One of my main inspirations for starting a blog was “Fr Z”‘s blog. Besides his translations and commentaries on all things liturgical, doctrinal, and ecclesial, he blogs occasionally about what he cooks. This other article also encourages priests to include food among their blog topics. So, I’m taking the bull by the horns, and am risking “grossing out” my already scant readership, describing what I made for dinner!

I was at the rectory this evening, smelling everyone else’s Labor Day weekend barbecues, so I decided to go all-out with some “enhanced” instant ramen noodle soup, using up some leftovers in the process.

I started boiling about 2 cups of water with a few drops of sesame seed oil, a generous dash of soy sauce, some chopped leftover roasted chicken, 1/4 of an onion (diced), and a generous teaspoon of all-natural peanut butter (made of just peanuts and salt, no sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oil or goop like that). I would have started with some of the frozen home-made chicken broth my mother gave me, but I ran out a few days ago. Anyway, I let that mixture boil until the onions were becoming translucent, stirring frequently.

I then added the dry noodles and flavor packet (I like to add it with the noodles, contrary to the instructions). After that boiled for two minutes I added assorted leftover veggies: a few string beans, and some sliced lettuce and cucumber from a salad that was wilting in the fridge.

I let that cook another two minutes. Then I served it with a half a glass of flat root beer (all I had left), Triscuits, and an episode of Dr. Who (via Netflix). Of course, I ate with chopsticks.

The soup was so good I didn’t even remember to eat the Triscuits. When I ran out of root beer I accompanied the soup with cold mineral water. I was tempted to scare up something sweet for desert, but I’ve been dosing up on various forms of frozen sugar water a lot recently, so I decided to let well enough alone.


About Matthew Green

I am a translator, origami artist/teacher, and photographer, a blogger, former philosophy professor, and I love to sing. You can see my photos on Flickr and buy prints of some of them on Fine Art America. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter (@mehjg), and in various and sundry other social media sites on the web.
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2 Responses to Labor Day Ramen

  1. jag says:

    looks yummy and most likely tasted yummy…kudos 2 u

  2. Lee Steup says:

    Cooked lettuce? Sorry to say, my first reaction is “Yeech!” And how does one eat soup with chopsticks??? Obviously, you’ve survived your Labor Day meal, I’m delighted to note. And I must say your cuisine category intrigues me. But what do I know – I fed meat to three priests on Good Friday a few years ago. Forgive me, I knew not what I did!

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