About me

I enjoy photography, origami, and reading (especially science fiction and fantasy). I am intrigued by science, especially astrophysics, evolutionary biology, and astrobiology; I did a fair amount of investigation as preparation for an (as-of-yet-unwritten) doctoral thesis on the “cosmological anthropic principle”, which includes all three aforementioned areas plus philosophy. I am also an incurable technophile, in possession of more gadgets than I like to admit. Besides this blog, I post photos on Flickr, and I can be found on Facebook and Twitter. And Google+. And other places in cyberspace…

I was born in Massachusetts, and grew up in Connecticut. I entered the Legion of Christ (a Roman Catholic religious congregation) in my late teens, and during my life as a Legionary I was assigned for varying lengths of time to study or be in active ministry in several countries, including Spain, Brazil, Italy, and Guatemala (several week-long trips as chaplain for medical missions). From 2001 to 2011, I lived in New York, first as a professor of philosophy (2001-2010) for the Legionaries of Christ and then as parochial vicar at St. Patrick’s Parish in Newburgh, NY. I then spent two years as the parochial vicar of Holy Family Parish on Cape Ann, north of Boston.  As of late 2013, I am exploring new possibilities in Mexico as a translator and origami teacher and artist, among other things.

12 Responses to About me

  1. charlene carrier says:

    the new podcast is easier to access..Also, thank God that you have come to Gloucester..Holy Family Parish. God works in mysterious ways. I pray that you have a very fulfiling ministry.Charlene Carrier

  2. Gap Pallazola says:

    Hello Father Green,
    It is a pleasure to have you with us in the Holy Family Parish choir! There has been a few gentlemen that have attempted to sing in the bass range with llittle success. I am impressed with your reading ability and vocal skill.
    Good luck to you in all your parish endeavors.
    Gap Pallazola.

  3. CMSmith says:

    If you would like to read my memoir about my sister Annie who was born with severe brain damage and cared for by our parents for 51 years, I would be happy to send you a print copy or arrange for you to get a free ebook.

    It is called Dancing in Heaven.

  4. The Pal Guy says:

    This is a great blog. I have never met you but i think it is great that a clerical man has a blog. I hold much respect for you and your blog.
    P.s. Great photos too!

  5. Maggie Rosa says:

    Father Green
    It was fun to make origami fish yesterday and since then I’ve made a few more to add to the tree.
    What is the current count?

  6. Dorothy Ovelar says:

    Dear Father Green, I just discovered this website after following GMG and your posts for the past year or so. I live in CT, but visit Gloucester/Rockport each year for the past 9 and I’m hooked. I wanted to thank you for your posts, and especially the recent ones on the the thrift shops. I love treasure hunting in them and now have some new ones to check out when I get up there in a couple of weeks. Will you be holding any origami classes in the next few weeks? WIth the Perpetual Learner, I now have a new blog to keep me in touch with the North Shore area. Thanks again for helping me stay connected to a place I love. Best, Dorothy Ovelar

  7. marthame says:

    I came across your origami work via Google and love it! Would you be willing to share your country church model? If you’d rather not post it, you can send me an email: marthamesanders@gmail.com. In any case, thank you for sharing the beauty God has gifted you to create!

    • Hello, Marthame! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my origami!
      Unfortunately, I don’t have diagrams drawn up for my country church model yet. It’s on a (growing) list of original designs I need to document…
      God bless you and your ministry!

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